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Vilagallo is a Spanish brand that celebrates “classic with a twist”. Derived from the fusion of the surnames of its designers Ines Villalón and Beatriz Gallo, the colourful design and detailing embraces individuality with playful humour and versatility. 

The brand was successfully launched by the designers and their business partner Alberto Rodriguez in 1997 and offered a new formula for the working wardrobe.  From the very beginning, Vilagallo has been driven by feminine tailoring, producing impeccable clothing which is recognised worldwide and worn by celebrities and the coolest girls around town. 

The eclectic collections inspire and surprise, motivated by a kaleidoscope of global references. Patterned silks, mixed fabrications and diverse prints speak of the Vilagallo identity: Creating a modern take on popular classics. 

Tricot Chic was born in 1972 in Paderno d’Adda, Italy, as a manufacturer of ready-to-wear merchandise, specializing in knitwear.

Since then their savoir-faire manufacturing has evolved, yet they continue to use the same manual machines to create surprising combinations with fine yarns, precious laces, perforated leather, and soft fur, among other sophisticated fabrics.  Tricot Chic’s talent for creating three-dimensional effects with their materials illustrates their strong craftsmanship to produce a dynamic collection.

Tricot Chic values its traditions and is still designed and manufactured in Italy to this day.  Upholding these standards allows them to preserve the brand’s identity throughout their strong customer base in Northern Europe, the United States, Russia, Japan, and various other international markets.

An encounter between a businessman, David Jarmon and a young and lovely Canadian student, Tara, led to the 1986 birth of the Parisian women's ready-to-wear line Tara Jarmon.  The design once helmed by Tara has since been entrusted to Colombe Campana and her team starting in 2018.  They have seamlessly transitioned into the brand, all the while maintaining the style and aesthetic the Tara Jarmon customer knows so well.

The look is "chic" with a very feminine and modern twist. Tara Jarmon is a brand that loves playful colors and prints as well as architectural shapes where fantasy is a key word. Pattern makers, designers, and quality controllers work together carefully to ensure the attention to every detail. The exclusive prints are drawn and developed in-house and the pieces are produced with impeccable technique to allow the brand to flourish in markets around the world.

“If there is one thing I’ve learned over nearly three decades in the fashion industry, it is that style is in a constant state of transition,” says Marisa Minicucci, SØSKEN Studios Designer. “For this launch, we wanted to create a collection that will inspire fashionistas around the world to adopt a touch of androgyny in their wardrobe through adaptable and multifunctional statement pieces designed to compete in some of the most elite markets." With more than 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, Minicucci is no stranger to heading up a new label. Minicucci at it’s helm, the renowned Canadian designer hopes to redefine women’s outerwear by offering all women pieces that are timeless while reflecting each individual’s strength and discriminating style. Minicucci is thrilled to be back on the runway as the lead designer for SØSKEN Studios.


Maison Montagut’s story began in 1976 in France, when Mr. and Mrs. Michel decided to create a luxury market knitwear brand.


Since its creation, Maison Montagut has epitomized exceptional quality while garnering a remarkable loyalty from its clients along the way. The brand’s priorities are comfort, seduction and femininity. With an integrated team of designers, the brand keeps developing in the local and international markets.


Maison Montagut ensures the highest level of knitwear in operating their own factories in France and Portugal. The production follows a traditional technique that gives the collection a unique touch.



Céline Dion, one of the most recognized, respected, and decorated performers in music history, partnered with the Bugatti Group in 2017 to launch her eponymous handbag collection.  Curated and designed in collaboration with the mega star herself, the collection hits all the right notes by reflecting Céline's fashion sensibility, elegance, practicality, and desire for high quality goods.  Her preference for superior craftsmanship and attention to detail are key traits that are evident in each sophisticated piece.  "I love fashion," she says. "For me it's so fun and it is a wonderful way of expression."

The Céline Dion collection represents the values of a modern and stylish woman and with a wide variety of styles and price points, there is something for everyone.


Meher Kakalia, born in Karachi, left her home town to study in London. After a few years in the world of Finance, she left the City to pursue a more creative career. Her idea was to design an original collection of shoes based on her country’s rich tradition of hand embroidery and shoe making. With this in mind, Meher launched a fresh collection of hand crafted shoes, often using colour in the most unexpected way.


In order to achieve her dreams, she had to set up her own workshop and spent time searching for master craftsmen. A real challenge that Meher has achieved in an incredible way by remaining committed to her respect for tradition, empowering women, using sustainable and recycled material, limiting the use of toxic glue and most of all her love for fashion. Meher currently lives between London, Karachi and Moscow with her lovely family.


Klements is a printed scarf and womenswear collection, designed by Charlotte Allen. Each print is hand drawn, painted or created using the designer's photography. The scarves are printed onto the finest silks and cashmeres in Italy and the womenswear is created entirely in England. 


Always pushing forward with its approach to design, Klements draws from all the cruelty and glory of the natural world while being inspired directly by the shifting zeitgeist of the creative scene in London.


Klements is not designed as a perfectly matching collection. It clashes and compliments, reveling in the accidental and imperfect. Its ethos is to create exceptional items to be kept and treasured and to provide the wearer with instant fashion.